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Shut up evil management at Whitewater Walmart for blaming corporate whenever you don't have new release DVDs or Video Games.   gosh
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Shut up G banger!

today i made a call and got some woman's "boyfriend"...   i did my standard procedure and even told him what company i worked for.  that wasn't enough.  Calling on a "personal business matter" as we are supposed to say, apparently offended him.

he told me to not call back and that if anyone does it better be a female because he doesn't want some guy calling up on his girl and talking some personal business with her.

wow, g, you must be her pimp.
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Torn between compassion and TMI

The research department has some really loud folks. Tony, 7 offices away, makes himself heard almost crystal clear to myself and two of my supervisors. After three years someone finally convinced him to get a headset so he wouldn't scream into the speaker phone anymore. Still, there are days when I walk over and shut his door.

Ken, a new addition to our office, is rarely here but is almost as loud. Not wanting to go through the Tony situation, I confronted him about purchasing a headset last week.

Debbie, the economist right next door to my little area, is also very loud. Her support person told me that she used to shut her door when she was next to her, but I feel kind of bad doing so. I don't really notice her volume until she's really into her phone call, and I'd hate to shut her door when she's going to be off the phone in a minute. Ten minutes pass, fifteen, and I realize if I'd shut the door a quarter hour ago, I might have gotten some work done.

Today, from what I gather, Debbie's mother-in-law is reacting badly to some medicine the doctor's prescribing her. From one bit of information my supervisor provided (that her mother-in-law used to live in her basement), I've pieced together the following scenario: The mother-in-law is likely in a nursing home, and she's a great complainer and whiner. The medicine she's been prescribed may be having some bad effects, primarily constipation. Apparently she can move herself from the toilet to her wheelchair, but has a problem when she's going from a regular chair to another. And something else about bowel movements, or opening her bowels.

I feel bad, I know this woman sick and Debbie just wants to make sure the doctor and/or nursing home provider is taking the right steps, but this is too much information for lil' ole me.

So, please, shut up. Or at least shut your door when you're on such personal calls.